Source Process

Target Group
10-15 participants, who affect the source process strategy, design and operations by their decisions
Basic knowledge in economics; working experience within the supply chain
1 - 3 days
German, English (additional languages on demand)
The participant knows the interplay of procurement with suppliers and producers and the relevant planning procedure. He can point out planning and design objectives and he knows the most important measures to design the source process as well as the resulting consequences.
SCOR Process Model, source strategies, cost benchmarks and performance benchmarks, key performance indicators and key cost indicators, source process design, procurement models and the implementation, procurement planning, differentiation of material, inventory management, implications on EVA
SCM training based on interactive simulation of the source process, supported with SCM-software simulation, group work, discussions and lectures.
The source process of the simulation can be customized by adapting: material properties, demand fluctuations, production structure, procurement structure and order structure.