The greater the division of work in the value-added process of industry and trade, the greater the effort to internally and externally coordinate the parties involved. There’s the risk, that the addional effort undoes the benefit of the division of work. The controlling of the Supply Chain partners should be a core competency of networking companies.

An intelligent division of responsiblities involves the company’s divisions, suppliers and service providers into the logistics planning and handling process with well defined processes, closely arranged rules and efficient communication. All parties concerned know how to contribute to the success of the overall process. In order that across divisons, countries and cultures this overall process is designed as efficiently as possible and is smoothly running, we offer

  • Training, providing an interactive simulation of the business processes
  • Software, supporting tactical and functional decision making
  • Consulting, developing and realizing acutal improvements of the Supply Chain

These three work areas can be well applied independently. However a combined use of all three services offers advantages only EicherLogistik is able to realize.

We are strongly deep-rooted in practice. Our intensive cooperation with training participants and consulting customers results in our product portfolio and its continuous development.

We are looking forward to support also you and your company in achieving your business objectives.