Do you know the answers of the following questions?

  • How can you reach the optimum of a three-level production chain?
  • When is it better to use Kanban and when the reorder point procedure?
  • How high is the inventory risk and the availability risk with a plan-controlled material planning?
  • What safety inventory is necessary calculating with a forecast quality of 80%?
  • Which planning parameters result in an optimum of ordering costs and stock and storage costs?

These and other questions can be answered with our software application at the push of a button. The simulation of decisions on operative level allows the synchronisation of single-level or multi-level Supply Chains.

Reasons for implementing the PlanningSimulator:

  • provides a transparent basis for decision making concerning the dimension of single-level or multi-level Supply Chains and Production Chains
  • allows to define individual demand pattern or to adopt already available demand pattern from the ERP system
  • offers to compare plan and consumption triggerd planning methods
  • creates cost transparency
  • provides single-level and multi-level Supply Chain simulations
  • allows statements on delivery capability depending on planning parameters
  • provides a perfect opportunity to dimension and synchronize the Supply Chain together with the suppliers
  • can be customized by the user

Time and Cost Input

Reorder Point Simulation

Time and Cost Results