Do you know the answers of the following questions?

  • Do you use approriate planning methods and planning rules?
  • Can you simulate the effects of planning decisions?
  • How much can the inventory be reduced, if the delivery capability is lowered by 3 % points?
  • Can you name the 10 worst inventory producers within 5 minutes?

These and many other questions can be answered by our software application at the push of a button. Thus on tactical as well as on operational level rational decision making can replace “gut” decisions.

Reasons for implementing the InventoryOptimizer:

  • reduces inventory and frees up tied capital
  • increases delivery capability
  • avoids stock outs
  • supports the definition of inventroy objectives on all levels and for all article segments
  • calculates the necessary inventory for 100%, 95% and 90% delivery capability and the corresponding costs
  • calculates optimal planning parameters
  • simulates the effects of planning and scheduling decisitions
  • enables a multiplicity of up to now difficult analyses and creates transparency
  • allows freely definable article segmentations
  • offers drill down function from segment to article

This application is

  • compatible with all ERP systems
  • implemented within a few days
  • easy and intuitive to handle
  • within few month paid by the benefits
  • beneficial tools for material planner, production controller and purchaser
  • meaningful support for controller, businessman, logistics and Supply Chain executives

Quantity Simulation

ABC-XYZ Analyses

Inventory Simulation